Only a few days now before the eTolling system comes into place. Since I posted my opinion(s) on the options available to the casual user of the M50, I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the video registration solution offered by eFlow.

To be completely honest, I know very little about it. However, I’m told it’s very simple. You simply register your registration plate on the website and provide either your bank account details of credit card information. Each time you pass the M50 toll, your bank account/credit card will be deducted €2.50. There are apparently no additional charges for this.

In the short term this seems to be the cheapest solution for the casual user, since there are no set up charges. in the long run is probably cheapest in the long run for the casual user, although it will take 85 trips through the M50 toll to make back the €30 registration fee (they give you €4.40 free credit).

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