I’ve been using it all of maybe an hour…. and so far I love it!

As far as innovation goes, it’s not hugely innovative. In terms of funky features, I really like the “most visited sites” page when you open a new tab. Rather than having to type in your most used website, you simply open a new tab and it will give you access to your most used sites plus searches and other items you use on a regular basis.

One other feature I love is the tabbing. You can drag, move them around and drag the tab to a new window and just in case you want to put it back, you can drag it back onto the the original window…. nice….

From a web developers point of view, they have a lovely option on right click which allows you inspect an element. This brings up a little dialog that allows you to look at the page markup and css styles.

One niggling element was the lack of a homepage button on the toolbar. But this can be put on by going “Wrench >> Options >> and ticking Show Home button on the Toolbar”.

So far I really like it… I’m sure time will show up more that I haven’t noticed.

As far as the mass using it? I imagine it will be a geeky tool, just like FireFox. I can’t see many joe soaps downloading it.

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