A couple of months ago, I wrote about IrishTarot.com and how they had for some odd reason been completely dropped from Google‘s index.

It wasn’t apparent exactly what was wrong, but none-the-less we made as many changes as we possible could to try and resurrect it’s previous rankings on Google.

The site has now reappeared with much the same rankings as before and it even got it’s sitelinks back.

How did we do it? Well to be honest, it was such a frenzied rush that we simply tried to cover every possible base to get it back there. So here’s what we did:

  • Removed a dodgy robots.txt file
    There were a few obscure lines in the IrishTarot robots.txt file, so we removed it completely from the server.
  • Built a Rapid Inclusion Tool 😉
    Well not really, I simply created an article about the situation on my blog in order to get Google indexing the IrishTarot.com website. Google indexes new stories from this blog within 15-30mins and since Google hadn’t indexed IrishTarot.com in over a month, this was what I felt would be the quickest “route to market”!
  • 301 Redirect on IrishTarot.com domain
    To prevent any possible confusion for Google between www.irishtart.com and irishtarot.com, we created a 301 redirect to the main domain.
  • Submitted a new Sitemap
    We finally submitted a new sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Although we’ll never know now which one of these was the one that finally brought the site back, it was worth taking a good look at the website to see what possibly could have caused the drop. So maybe you should take a look at your own website and see if there is anything that could be improved!

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