I think it’s important for everyone to use a number of different statistics packages to get to grips with exactly what is going on with your website. We use 3 different packages on our site, a server side one, Google Analytics and Statcounter.

Many moons ago now, we had a website that some people actually loved the look of… I really don’t know why, but anyway, it lead to some people plagerising the design (www.comman.de) and using it for there own website.

The wayback machine, does the old site no justice, but you can get the picture – http://web.archive.org/web/20050118093135/http://www.2bscene.net/

You see, this crowd in Germany rippied it off and I honestly didn’t mind, until it started getting a bit of traffic. Because soon enough a chunk of our statistical information on Statcounter became corrupted with their data. Not only did they rip the design, they also took the code for my Statcounter account.

I guess I could easily change my Statcounter code, but why should I? This crowd are the ones who ripped off someones work (and made it look even worse – and that was hard) shouldn’t they simply remove the code? I did ask many times, but it fell on deaf ears.

Maybe now, when Google picks up this blog ahead of Comman International in the search results, they will read this and hopefully remove it from their site! :)

In fact, I think this site is worthy of the Worst Site of the Week honour!!

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