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Your company’s relationship(s) with Blacknight means that you have a vested interest which you did not divulge. This is a breach of the posting guidelines. End of story.



We have a relationship with LetsHost, Hosting365, Host Ireland etc etc – so that’s an equal vested interest then based on your explanation???

So what you are basically saying is that I can’t comment on any hosting discussion whatsoever because I have dealt with these companies and do business with them?



No. I have clearly pointed out if you make a recommendation that involves some vested interest then you must divulge this vested interest. It’s patently clear from the posting guidelines and my comments that this is the case. Do not waste my time any further on this. If you continue to act obtusely on this matter or otherwise waste moderator time on such matters then you will be banned.

I don’t know how many times I told him that I have no vested interest in any hosting company, he continuously failed to see that point.

But if we are take his account, I am not allowed recommend anyone I have done business with because I have a vested interest…

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool out there. is built around people making recommendations – but I’m not allowed say anything about any of them… hmmm…. sounds a bit suss to me…

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