Voluntary Health Insurance Board

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As if times weren’t hard enough as it is, Mary Harney‘s wonderful decision to put a €160 levy for every adult and €53 for every child availing of private health insurance, has lead to whopping increase in annual subscriptions from the major health insurers.

Quinn Healthcare admitted yesterday that their subscriptions will increase by 16% from January. Bravely enough, they admitted that they would be passing on the governments levy to it’s customers. This they say is the reason for at least 8% of the increase. The rest is due to rising costs.

We have however on the other hand, our state owned big old ship the VHI, continuing to fill us all with a load of bull. They claim that their 23% increase (yes I did say 23%) is due to rising costs and that they are in no way passing on the government levy.

Can you imagine VHI trying to survive in the private sector? They’re set to lose €60 million this year, due to bad investments and paying out more than they took for premiums.

We could give out about the VHI all day, but the reality is, the reason for this increase is due to Mary Harney’s out of touch decisions. While she can go off pampering herself with $400 hairdos on tax payers money, the rest of us have to pay a huge price for a below standard health care.

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