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For the last few months, I’ve had someone email me through the contact form on our company website. They went to a lot of trouble, since there’s a captcha response on the form too.

I’ve a feeling it’s the same person that badgered me over a year ago for a post I made about their business tactics. More here – http://www.tomdoyletalk.com/2007/08/12/retaliation-for-a-blog-post-i-made-ah-bliss/

So since you are too afraid to leave your real email address, I thought I might as well post my responses to your queries here and then maybe you’ll stop with the silly emails….


Dear whoever you are,

  1. Our reasons for using Adwords is not because business is bad. It’s simply another way of promoting our business. How could we possibly sell this service if we ourselves don’t realise it’s value too.
  2. Yes, I have more time on my hands over the last week or so and have had more time to write some articles on my blog. Again, this is nothing to do with a downturn in business, it’s called good time management and delegation :)
  3. And no, there is no sign of us going bust yet (fingers crossed it stays that way). We’re busier than we have ever been and this year looks like it will be our best ever. Luckily for us, the downturn hasn’t affected our business yet. But in fairness we spread our wings and don’t rely solely on the web development and online marketing industry for our business to sustain.

I’d love to talk to you about my business all day. I’m very proud of it. So if you would even like to meet for a coffee some day and talk about our business, why not send me an email info@tomdoyletalk.com and we can arrange a good time to meet. :)

Yours sincerely,
Tom Doyle


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