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Everyone knows at this stage that Gmail was down for two and a half hours yesterday. Apparently it only affected the live web site. So those like me, who collect their Gmail through an email client, didn’t even notice it was down until various news websites, forums, blogs and Twitter went into a frenzy over this shocking situation.

But one article on the Irish Times website made me laugh.

Gmail turns into Gfail for e-mail users worldwide

The article itself just mentions the fact that Gmail was down and for how long etc. But the bit that made me laugh in one sense and then in another enraged me (I know it’s ridiculous that these silly things get to me).

At the bottom of the article it says:

The company says the web-based service has ‘tens of millions of users’ worldwide. Given that many of these are corporate users, the cost of the outage may run into millions.

Now I usually don’t mind a bit of sensationalism, but this is really taking the piss.

“the cost will run into millions” – How exactly?????

Yes a lot of corporate users use Gmail, but the fact that they are corporate users, would lead me to believe that they would have something in place to cover any possible downtime and they’re probably also using an email client to collect the mail at some stage.

I really can’t see how 2 hours downtime of Email (when there was an alternative way of still collecting the mail) would cost the majority of businesses anything.

Someone on Twitter put it like this:
“Let’s count the cost: 25m users, 33% affected; average of $50 per hour lost productivity = $415m per hour economic cost…”

Now there’s sensationalism at it’s best….

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