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As suggested by Ben101 on a comment on a previous post, Currys, Dixons and PC World have to win the Worst Website of the Decade award.

Using the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine, it’s clear that Curry’s have had an under construction note since 2000. They also had Dixons logo on it even then! Look here >>

We can also see that Dixons had the same message back in 2000 too, but went a little further in 2007 with the following tripe in May 2007 – Funnily enough, their account was suspended in November 2007 – too much traffic maybe?

PC World had the same message in 2000, however later archives show that they did actually make an attempt to go online with their business.

You can see the history of the three here:*/*/*/

It’s a little surprising that some of our biggest eletrical retail outlets never really made an attempt to do business online. You just have to look at Power City‘s existing website to see that they don’t value the Internet much.

Maybe it’s because consumers can see more easily online that they are being ripped off?

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