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I’ve been using Google from it’s early days, when it was a developers little secret for searching the web. Each and every step of the way, I’ve signed up for any new innovative release from the search giant. I had a Google Adsense account when it was first launched in Ireland, a Gmail account while it was still in beta and I even signed up instantly for the the iGoogle personalised homepages as soon as it was released.

Initially I had a different account for each of these separate free services provided by Google, but overtime Google slowly persuaded me to make them all part of one default account. Now any new service they release, to sign up it’s just a case of confirming your password for your Google Account.

Every-time I log into my browser, Google have a record of everything I do, what I’m interested in and they even serve ads based on my web surfing habits. I have to admit that I don’t mind it at all, because it Google makes my life so easy with the services I use everyday and all of them are free.

Just recently, Google released it’s “Google Profiles” service to the World. Google Profiles allows anyone to create their own web profile, just like you would on say FaceBook. Google Profiles itself is not as advanced as Facebook, but it does allow you to upload photos, add your contact details and even create links to your own websites. If you already have a Google account, you have a Google Profile that you just have to activate.

So now all of a sudden you have a social network that is more powerful than any other – yet you didn’t even seem to notice right?

Not only do you have your own profile, you have an amazing emailing system with one of the largest free storage space on the web. You also have your own homepage where you can include gadgets, news sites and RSS feeds of interest in one location.

In fact, you can even include widgets to interact with Bebo or Facebook from one location. On top of that you have many other services such as Alerts, Groups, Knol, Docs, Blogger, Video, YouTube etc etc… the list goes on and on.Yet none of us seemed to notice.

As if by stealth, Google has made you unknowingly become part of potentially the largest social network to ever grace the world wide web.

But what next from the Search Giant? Will it begin to automatically shove communication tools and friend connect in our face?

When we log into our browser will we automatically connect through instant messaging just like when you log into Bebo or Facebook? I’m sure it’s not far off and I have to say I believe this is a master stroke from Google.

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