The canvassing for the local and European elections are well and truly underway. At the weekend, politicians worker bees were out in force, feverishly looking for the best vantage spot to shove the big ugly pictures of politicians on any vertically standing object.

Let’s face it, when was the last politician you saw on a poster that was easy on the eye? Yeah, I can’t think of one either.

So in the past it did annoy to see some ugly mush looking at me at every junction I passed on my daily commute. But I’ve seen enough campaigns now and have become completely immune to these eyesores.

That was of course until this campaign…

Do the people that hang or attach these posters actually think about what they are doing?

The number of posters I’ve seen so far that have been hung in extremely hazardous places such as those that sit above speed limits and other road signs, which obviously start to fall over them and obstruct the view has increased to ridiculous proportions.

Let me give you one example, there’s a really busy roundabout in my local area, attempting to get onto it is like playing Russian roulette with your life. That was of course before these really intelligent election poster hangers, decided to block your right side view with one of these “ugly people” posters. Now drivers are forced to edge their way into oncoming traffic in order to see around these unwanted posters.

It might seem very fickle and naive, but this time round I’ve decided that any politician who posts their poster in a hazardous location will mean an instant “no vote” from me!

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