We all know how good our government has been at covering up lies and mistakes they made in the past – but surely our national broadcaster wouldn’t be at that game, would they?

I’ve just looked at a press release of theirs from February of this year. It says that the Colm & Jim-Jim breakfast show have increased listenerships by 5%. They mention a growth in figures year on year from 188,000 to 194,000. Now that’s all well and good, only that last years results said that they had a listenership of 202,000 (source: http://archives.tcm.ie/irishexaminer/2008/08/22/story70419.asp).

That means that the Colm & Jim-Jim Show has in fact dropped in listenership figures!

I’ve been critical of them in the past I know, but if this is the case – surely RTE are kicking themselves for taking a chance on these guys. Even if the figures are wrong, to have only grown in listnership by 14,000 in two years is quite a dismal performance to say the least.

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