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This morning’s Breakfast show on NewsTalk 106, had promised to feature “No To Lisbon” campaigner Declan Ganley voice his opinion on the Lisbon Treaty version 2. It was hoped that he would also explain his reasons in detail, why he had to decided to run his “No To Lisbon” campaign again, even though he had said he wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, we never got to hear Ganley’s opinion, for the terrible interviewing techniques of Mr. Ivan Yates. Rather than allowing Ganley to get his point across, Yates took the opportunity to promote his reasons for a Yes vote across the airwaves. He hardly allowed Ganley to speak while he went on what can only be called a rant on how the No camp used lies to get their No vote in the last Lisbon. Yates refused to allow Ganley the time to explain why he felt the Government were peddling lies in this campaign.

There’s no denying that I am definitely on the “No to Lisbon” side – but I still want to hear the opposing opinions so that I make the proper choice. I’m a regular listener to NewsTalk and in most cases it gives a very balanced few on any topic it covers. In this case, it was like as if the airwaves were simply a soap box for Yates and the Yes vote to publicly humiliate the opposition. It was as if Yates knew that there was nothing he could do except attack Ganley before he ever got out of the starting blocks.

Shame on you Mr. Yates and NewsTalk for allowing this to happen.

I’ll try get audio for this interview and post it here when it becomes available.

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