I’d love to know who is giving Ben Dunne advice on his web business strategy. It’s not to think that it’s nothing more than a young guy just out of college or else someone taking Ben for a ride. As we all know Ben is the master of taking a small idea and making big business from it.

If we were to use the “mock up” of his new website currently available at www.bendunne.com as a guide, it appears that this site will be another of what can only be described as a classified ads website.

The difference with this is that Ben Dunne is going to charge €3 per listing. The problem with that is that there are already much more popular websites providing the exact same service for free. Take your pick from Adverts.ie or even Gumtree.ie – both allow you to publish your items for free, plus they already both have a massive user base.

There’s no doubt that people will use this site – it’s already being advertised on local radio and it the site has yet to be launched. But for how long and will it be long enough for Ben to make money from it. I’ve discussed the issues with TenderMe.ie in another article and the general consensus from the comments in response to that article were that it was lacking transparency – hopefully Ben will have addressed this issue with BenDunne.com

If I was him, I’d reduce the listing fee – €3 is a little bit too steep in my opinion for people to make the move to this new site. If I was looking to sell something online, I’d be happy to pay him €1 to list the item and still list it on Adverts.ie. But €3 is a little steep and something I’d only do as a last resort.

Anyway – I wish Ben Dunne great success with his new website, I hope when the site goes live it is not as bad as I expect it to be.

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