I’ve talked about BenDunne.com now on a number of occasions now, it’s nearly getting boring. That was of course until he announced last week that it would be free to post adverts on BenDunne.com until the 18th of December 2009. I refrained from posting on this blog about it to try stop the monotony of it all.

But today it’s clear that he is still being terribly advised by his “web team”. As soon as it was free to post ads on BenDunne.com, the madness started. Now it appears you can buy anything from a pet called Mogawi to a Raptor or even a certain golfer as a golfing coach. Clearly the site has been overrun with spammy listings since it went free to post. The guys at IQ Content, found a lot more examples of these spammy listings (click here to view).

This has to be one of the best examples of a badly planned web project I have ever seen. I really do hope Ben’s site succeeds, but so far it’s hard to have any faith in him achieving success. That is of course until he gets better advice.

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