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Regardless of what business you are in, there’s always someone willing to go the extra mile to lower the tone, quality and image of the industry.  None more so than the web industry.  Spamming the Internet is easier than any other form of marketing – it’s free, easy and only takes a short amount of time.

Fortunately, most professional web design companies, don’t lower themselves to these tactics because they either don’t need to or prefer to distance themselves from such tactics to avoid damaging their brand. None-the-less, there is always one shady company hanging around the corner waiting for an opportunity to pounce. It really irks me to see companies pass themselves off as being “professional web design companies”, when they resort to these spamming tactics.

Let’s face it, using the word “Professional” is probably one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. It says it as it is. Just because these companies offer a lower quality of work does not mean they are not professional in other ways, therefore, it’s hardly false advertising. The bit that gets me is when they try to pass themselves off as being as good as the next or largest web development company in the country. The simple fact is that those regarded as the best among their peers have never resorted to such tactics to get where they are today. has been flooded with spam since it went free (until the 18th of December) and in every category, there is a web design company offering cheap and nasty web solutions. Why Unnamed Web Design (company) think that posting adverts with pictures of kittens, puppies motorbikes and even wads of cash will help make anyone decide to use them is beyond me. But to think that they call themselves professional when they need to resort to tactics like this is just well beyond belief.


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