WAMPSERVER 2.0iI recently had to set up a web development environment on my Windows Vista machine to test a web site we are currently working on. Although I have wrote in the past about how easy it is to install PHP 5 with IIS on Windows Vista, it just didn’t run that smoothly for me this time around. Regardless of what I did, I just couldn’t get it up and running (without spending hours) on my machine. I even tried to get Apache running instead of IIS, but again it was just taking way to long. No matter what I did I just couldn’t get PHP running in conjunction with Apache or IIS. No doubt it was some sort of permissions error, but I didn’t waste my time looking for the exact issue.

No, instead I ran a Google search to find a “WAMP” installation tool. The first one I found was WampServer 2.0i and I was instantly impressed. Not only was it a painless install that took less than a minute, it installed everything I needed. With one installation, I had Apache, PHP and MySQL all running smoothly on my Windows Vista machine.

Even better still, it also gave me the ability to install multiple versions of critical services such as PHP, MySQL and even Apache. This is a web developers dream, it means that you no longer have to downgrade you working version in order to work on an old site built on say an old version of PHP. There are many other excellent features, as well as many extensions to the product freely available for download.

If you’re having trouble getting a web development environment working on your Windows Vista (or others) – I suggest you download this before wasting your time going the manual route!

DOWNLOAD HERE : http://www.wampserver.com/en/

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