Google in 1998, showing the original logo
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If you haven’t used the Google Keyword Tool lately to find keywords to target in your SEO campaign, you should really go back and check again. Google recently updated their keyword tool and have made it a lot more accurate than it was in the past.

Those used to using the Google Keyword Tool, probably took these results with a pinch of salt. Google Keyword Tool was nothing more than a very good guide as to what the most popular search terms being used to find a product or service relating to your business.

Every SEO has his/her way of deciphering the data presented by Google’s keyword tool. Some simply divided the results by 10, while others divided it in half. Whatever your method was,you should really go and reassess your keywords as soon as possible.

Some examples provided by other online marketing experts show massive differences in what is reported in the latest update compared to the old date. For example the term “Golf Clubs” once recorded as having over 165,000 searches per month is now down to just over 33,000.

Google of course, haven’t commented on the update – it’s no wonder considering a lot of people based their online marketing strategy on the free tools they provide.

What are you waiting for? Go check your keywords now

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