If you have an Android phone, you probably love the fact that there are plenty of apps that allow you to customise the look and feel of your Mobile device. Google Play Store hosts lots of different “homescreen launchers” that can easily be themed and modified exactly to your taste. My personal favourite is the Go Launcher homesceen launcher app. The problem with Homescreen launchers is that they tend not to replace the built in Email client, SMS or Phonebook, which means, your homescreen looks great, but once you open a message, you’re back to the dreary old Android default look and feel.

Thankfully, the developers of Go Launcher recognised this fact and developed a host of other apps to replace the default Android applications. So not only can you get a great homescreen launcher, but you can also get your hands on the great Go Contacts and Go SMS Pro.

The name “Go SMS Pro” suggests that this is a paid app and in fairness to the developers, I probably would buy this app, only that it is actually free. You can of course avail of additional functionality by paying a small fee, but the basic free version of the app will be enough for most users.

Once you have Go SMS installed, you can download thousands of themes from the Google Play Store. There are hundreds of free Go SMS Pro themes and plenty of high quality paid Go SMS Pro themes.

From time to time, I like to play around with Go SMS Pro by creating my own ┬ánew themes for Go SMS Pro – just to make my phone look, well… great! :)

I decided to release a number of the themes I created on the Google Play Store so everyone can enjoy the apps I’ve created. Here’s a selection of themes that you can download to your phone, but remember, you must have Go SMS Pro app installed on your phone before you can use these. Enjoy!


Free Go SMS Pro Theme

Download Go SMS Pro Underwater Theme

Go SMS Pro Summer Theme

Download Go SMS Pro Summer Clouds Theme

Go SMS Pro How at the Moon Theme

Download Free GO SMS Pro Theme – Howl at the Moon

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