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Stream music, videos, YouTube and pictures to your PS3 with TVersity

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This year, my ultimate Christmas present was a Blu-ray player. However, with the average price of a decent Blu-Ray player being around €300, I thought it might as well get a bit more bang for my book and go for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) which cost only €360 (from

I had loads of plans on what I’d do with it when I got it. I really wanted the new PS3 to become my media centre, where I could utilise all of the many media files I have on my computer. My first plan of attack was to do the most nerdy thing and install Linux on the PlayStation. After I did this, I realised that it was a pretty poor way of doing things as it runs quite slow.

What I really needed was something simple that could play all the files I have on my computer. After much searching I found a great little program called TVersity.

TVersity is a free program that acts as a media server and can be easily accessed from your PlayStation 3. The beauty of this software package is that if the file you want to play from your computer is not supported by the PS3 natively, TVersity will convert and stream it to the PlayStation in a supported format. I tested streaming an 8gb MKV file over my local wireless network and it worked seamlessly.

Not only can you stream your local files, you can also set up RSS feeds such as YouTube for example, and access them from your PlayStation with ease.

If you, like me, needs something to get use out of their HD TV, download TVersity, hook it up with your PlayStation and enjoy the fun!

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Hitlers Microsoft Live Account has been banned!

If profanities offend you…. don’t watch this!


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1Rom No More

The illegal website has been taken down due to a legal threat from ESA. 1Rom had been online for over a year and allowed people to illegally download game roms that they could use in their modified games consoles.

We wrote an article a couple of months ago about how you could get a card for your Nintendo DS called the R4DS. This allowed you to play games downloaded from the 1Rom website. It will be interesting to see how many more websites fall foul to this latest bout of legal action threats.


Revolution for DS ( R4DS )

r4ds.jpgI recently purchased a Nintendo DS Lite for my wife, who became hooked on the Brain Training game while playing one at a friends.

A friend of mine then put me wise to a “backup” tool called R4DS or Revolution for DS

It’s a small cartridge, exactly like a normal game cartridge which has a SD Card slot, in which you can download games from the Internet and load them on to it. In fact, depending on what size SD Card you get, you could in theory put thousands of games on this one cartridge.

So off I went on my merry way to find out about these little thingys. It wasn’t long before I found plenty of information on the Internet about the R4DS, but I also found out about another, more expensive one called the M3 DS Simply. Anyway, after much research, it turned out that the more expensive one, the M3 DS Simply, didn’t offer much more than the R4DS. So my next goal was to find the cheapest place to buy it.

So my searches lead me to – a website that seems to be dedicated to tools like this (in some fashion) for all consoles! I purchased the R4DS with the 2 gig SD Card – it cost me just $95 when delivery charge was included. It arrived within 3 days!!!

The R4DS came in a small box which includes the cartrdige, a USB SD Card Reader and a CD with the software required. When you receive it first, you need to put the little what can only be described as, operating system onto the SD card (this is included on the CD). You then need to get your Nintendo DS ROMs and put them on the SD Card too.

When you turn on the Nintendo DS, it boots up into the R4DS operation system. You have 3 options, one is to load games from your card, the second is to play media file such as MP3’s or video files (they must be converted) and the third; I’ve yet to figure out! To play a game, you simply select from your downloaded roms.

Since it’s possible to download 1,000’s of pirated ROMs from sites like, it means you’d never have to buy a game again, if you were tha way inclined…. quite a worrying thought for Nintendo.


Get Wii Fit with The Nintendo Wii

It the last few years, there has rarely been a time when I’ve been blown away by new technology. The last thing that struck me as innovative was the Nintendo Wii and it’s excellent new controller. For a company that I thought were dead after Sony blitz’ed the game console market, they’ve really tapped into a brand new market.

Now, they’ve gone another step forward and could potentially open up a whole new market for themselves. The Wii Fit is a new suite of games that uses a “balance board” for a new fun, active and dynamic way of playing games. It comes with many games such as aerobics, yoga and muscle stretches with main focusing on providing core workouts.

Already, the missus wants one…. that’s someone who typically hates anything to do with computers!

Have a look at the video below to see their new Wii Fit in action – looks like a whole lot of fun!

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