I went to the cinema last night to see the new, much hailed Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto”. I didn’t read any reviews or information about the film before I went so I could make my own judgement on the film.

I should have known before I went to see this film that Mel Gibson would be trying to make a statement of some sort. In his record busting movie “The Passion of The Christ” (which I have yet to watch, it’s sitting in my DVD collection) he felt it would be a great idea to have it in latin and yet again he felt that his new movie should be similar, except this time in native Mayan. What he gets out of this I don’t know.

In Apocalypto, it was probably the fact that they hadn’t actually got a decent script to work with and for that reason, it was easier to make it more interesting with short lines of subtitles that everyone could read, leaving the images do the talking.

I don’t mind gore and this movie certainly had plenty. In fairness to Mel, he knows exactly what to do to make people go on an emotional rollercoaster. There were some horrifying scenes that really created a shocking atmosphere.

All in all, I was disappointed with the movie. It was hoping that he would be bold and make more of a statement than just using a different language. It ended up being a typical happy ending, Hollywood movie.

I don’t want to take too much away from the film, it’s really well done and it is a good Hollywood movie. But the whole language thing just annoyed me to tears.

Would I recommend going to see it? Yeah in the cinema…… the subtitles are easier to read on the large screen 😉