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Would the Real Taoiseach Please Stand Up!

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I have to say, I’m really amazed that there isn’t a much bigger reaction to the latest admission from An Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Mr. Cowen finally admitted today that the efforts to save the economy had failed and the government were in fact in talks with the IMF and the ECB about a possible bailout. Only last night he was totally denying that the governments talks with the IMF and the ECB were simply discussions on possible rescue packages should the need arise.

I was moved last night for the first time in years by any politician and unfortunately that was in the shape of Mr. Pat Rabbitte, who showed more passion about our country than I’ve seen in my entire live. I instantly respected Mr. Rabbitte, not necessarily for what he was saying, but just for his passion.

Anyway, at this stage I’m totally fed up with this government and the state they’ve brought us to. How we can all sit back and deny the obvious is clearly down to the crap we’ve been peddled for years by our government. Yes that government that tell us a different story every day.

My good friend Francie Conway felt strong enough about the whole situation that he wrote a little tune about it – Would the Real Taoiseach Please Stand Up

Listen to: Francie Conway - Would the Real Taoiseach Please Stand Up

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The Outbreak of Peace – Join the Cause

Irish singer/songwriter (and good friend), Francie Conway, has launched his new single “Outbreak of Peace” just in time for Christmas. Rather than waste an opportunity to promote his believe in World Peace, Francie posted Christmas Cards, with a CD of his song attached to the Worlds major leaders.Some of the people that have received this card include Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley, Barrack Obama, Dalai Lama, Gordon Brown and many others.

So why not join the cause for the “Outbreak of Peace”, you can become a member of the Outbreak of Peace Petition on Facebook by clicking here, or you can send the Christmas Card email with a message to your friends by clicking here.

If you’d like to download the track for free or just listen to it – click here

Send it on and let’s see if it makes a difference…..

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Last post on Lisbon Treaty II

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I know I’m posting this a little early since the voting doesn’t start until Saturday Friday. But I’m already sick of Lisbon II. I’m not sure what annoys me most, the lies from both sides of the debate or the blatant disregard for what the treaty really means to those who are about to vote.

At this stage, it looks like the Yes vote is going to get the thumbs up from Ireland. What’s strikingly different about this campaign and the last is that people voting Yes because they are afraid of what will happen if we vote No. Last time around it was that they didn’t understand what it was about.

This change is obviously due to the fact that we are in the midst of the worst recession most of us have ever seen. People are searching for that element of security that even our own elected government can’t give us. The fear of not knowing what is around the corner, is driving most people to take what they feel is the safest bet.

Everyone knows Europe has been good to Ireland and everyone wants to be a part of that. The reality is that in a small country like ours, you would be mad not to want to be part of it. Most people I’ve talked to seem to think that a No vote is a No to being involved in Europe, which clearly isn’t the case.

If the Yes vote wins through on Friday – it will be a really sad day for democracy. We’ll never get the chance to Vote on anything as significant as this again and all because we were greedy, ignorant and lazy. So greedy that we felt the only way to line our pockets with cash again would be to vote yes. So ignorant towards what is in the actual treaty to vote Yes and so lazy to take the time out to actually see how the treaty will affect us in the future.

A simple look at how much of a difference our No vote made the last time round is just a sign of what is to come. When we ratify this treaty, they won’t have to ask us what we think again, they can just go ahead and do whatever the hell they like. The voice of the people will not be heard when it comes to Europe making decisions that could affect all of our lives.

Is that what you call democracy?

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Ivan Yates vs Declan Ganley on the Lisbon Treaty Version 2

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This morning’s Breakfast show on NewsTalk 106, had promised to feature “No To Lisbon” campaigner Declan Ganley voice his opinion on the Lisbon Treaty version 2. It was hoped that he would also explain his reasons in detail, why he had to decided to run his “No To Lisbon” campaign again, even though he had said he wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, we never got to hear Ganley’s opinion, for the terrible interviewing techniques of Mr. Ivan Yates. Rather than allowing Ganley to get his point across, Yates took the opportunity to promote his reasons for a Yes vote across the airwaves. He hardly allowed Ganley to speak while he went on what can only be called a rant on how the No camp used lies to get their No vote in the last Lisbon. Yates refused to allow Ganley the time to explain why he felt the Government were peddling lies in this campaign.

There’s no denying that I am definitely on the “No to Lisbon” side – but I still want to hear the opposing opinions so that I make the proper choice. I’m a regular listener to NewsTalk and in most cases it gives a very balanced few on any topic it covers. In this case, it was like as if the airwaves were simply a soap box for Yates and the Yes vote to publicly humiliate the opposition. It was as if Yates knew that there was nothing he could do except attack Ganley before he ever got out of the starting blocks.

Shame on you Mr. Yates and NewsTalk for allowing this to happen.

I’ll try get audio for this interview and post it here when it becomes available.

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Catholic Church in Ireland

I think everyone at this stage is aware of the report on physical, sexual and mental abuse in our residential institutions in Ireland. These institutions were primarily run by the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Damien Mulley believes that every time someone searches Google for “Catholic Church in Ireland” that the abuse report itself should be there for everyone to see. I completely agree with him. I think it’s only fair that everyone knows how badly these institutions treated our young kids and how the Irish government and the Catholic Church covered up this abuse for years. I won’t even go into how they are dealing with the situation now as this isn’t the place for that…

So to help with the cause – I’m going to link to the report here –

In addition included below is Damien Mulley‘s powerpoint presentation of the report.

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