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Song of the Week – Stemm, Face The Pain

Featured in UFC 2009 game for the PS3. Enjoy

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Song of the Week – Fallout Boy, American Suiteheart

I know, I know, I can hardly call something song of the week when I never update it. But I honestly do plan to. If there was just some decent music out there!!!

This weeks entrant is Fallout Boy. I have to say this band frustrates me a lot. One minute they bring out a cracking tune only to follow it up with something terrible. There latest track is a classic pop melody with nice sounding distorted guitars to add a bit or a rockier sound. It’s from their latest album Folie à Deux. So here it is American Suiteheart by Fallout Boy.

Fallout Boy : American Suiteheart

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Outbreak of Peace – Francie Conway (free download!)

It’s been a while since I picked a song of the week, yet again I’m being a bit biased here….

My good friend Francie Conway is launching his latest single today to coincide with the inauguration of Barrack Obama. Francie believes that today is the day that peace will prevail worldwide. Whether it’s Gaza or Iraq, I hope he’s right.

You can listen to his new track here –
Oh and he’s also providing a free download of his song on his website too!


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Song of the Week : Everything by VoxPop

I haven’t done a song of the week in a long time, possibly because there haven’t been any decent releases in ages!!

I’ve been hooked on the latest Kings of Leon album now for the last couple of months. To be honest, I was tempted to put up the whole album, but that wouldn’t be fair.

This week, I’m doing a bit of a favour for a good friend of mine. I used to play in a band with him many moons ago (Gryn – you can hear some tracks here) where he played drums and I was demoted to bass player 😉

His new band VoxPop are based in New York and tonight are playing in the famous Arlene’s Grocery. Anyway have a listen in, fairly decent band with some talented musicians.

PS: You need to lose the ghey hat Brian! :)

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Song of the Week – Kings of Leon, Sex is on Fire

Just to show I do have a softer side to my musical taste – I know it’s been number 1 for a few weeks now, but it has finally grown on me. Really good track, but a bit of a grower…

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