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MyP2P Gone – Where do I get Premiership football now?

A couple of weeks ago, the great website went down. I’m not entirely sure what happened with it, but no doubt it was because they were in breach of copyright law by streaming copyrighted content across the Internet for free.

MyP2P was by far the best website on the Internet to get easy access to online streaming sports content. You could go on to MyP2P and choose your sport and view a list of currently live broadcasting games with multiple links to various live streams. You could pretty much see any sport, live online within minutes.

MyP2P however, didn’t provide the streams, it was simply a facilitator to those who streamed the actual content. A bit like the whole PirateBay scenario.

Now that it’s gone, it’s not as easy to find these streams, so I’ve been looking around to try find the best sites that offer a similar service.

Of course – the crowd from MyP2P appear to have set up a new site – although it’s nowhere near as good as the previous site.

Here’s another few worth looking at if you want to watch live streaming football or whatever sport you’d prefer to watch! 

Of course, if you want to simply watch the goals the next day… don’t forget

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Katie Taylor under pressure

Yes I agree, it’s great news that Women’s Boxing is now included in the line up of sports for London 2012. But being completely honest, I probably wouldn’t have cared that much if we hadn’t got one of the World’s greatest woman boxers living on our island.

Since it was announced, the papers and just about everyone else I have spoken to are raving about the prospect of Ireland gaining another Olympic gold medal. But for me, I can’t help but feel sorry for Katie Taylor.

Three years is a long way away for anyone – anything could happen in those three years. God forbid that Katie Taylor falls in love and decides she wants to settle down and have her life to herself. Or what if she decides she wants to focus more on her footballing career? (I’m sure she wouldn’t, but it’s her life!)

What way would the nation look on her if she decided that she simply didn’t want to fight in the Olympics?

The sad fact is that Ireland as a nation now believe they own Katie and I just hope she has the strength of character to carry her through what will obviously be a long and hard training regime for 2012 – with the weight of expectation from the nation of Ireland on her shoulders.

All I can say is, if you do decide to fight Katie – I wish you the very best of luck – I’m sure you will win the Gold (no pressure!) :)

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1 Comment publish affiliate contact details online, the games console accessory online store have published all their affiliate members profiles online.

Today I was notified by email from a source calling themselves, that all my information, including my home address(!) has been published on the website.

In an obvious security breach, you can access their affiliate list at the following address :

Adding to the breach, questioned whether any affiliate had actually received payments from

So if you plan to buy anything from or sign up with be very careful as to what information you provide.

EDIT: Apparently this has now been “remedied”.



Free World Cup Rugby with your Sky Digital Box!

Value Ireland have posted details on how you can receive world cup rugby on your Sky Digital box without a Setanta subscription by tuning in ITV4 who are showing all of the games in conjunction with ITV1.

All the details and full article can be read here!

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Time to reflect on the Premiership

It’s been a while since I posted a story about soccer. To be honest, I just have been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to talk about football!

But I had a quick look over my old posts the other day and noticed the one I wrote in August… You can read it here….

At the very end of the story, I posted this:

“My predictions for the premiership this season are:

1. Chelsea
2. Man United
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
I think United and Liverpool will be very close, but Chelsea will walk away with it again. ”

So far, the only thing I got right is that Liverpool and Arsenal are where I’d said they’d be – BUT – Arsenal have 2 games in hand and are only a pint behind.

The race at the top is way to close to call right now, that will most likely go all the way to the wire. So far it hasn’t been the greatest season ever, but interesting none the less to see how many people have turned and no longer like Chelsea. Chelsea in my opinion have been exceptionally poor in the way they played this season, very non-entertaining, but none-the-less grinding out results.

For me as a United fan, I hope we can stick it out, even though I gave Alex fergusaon so much abuse at the start of the season about his team – he has yet again proven me wrong – but that’s why I’m here and he’s there! And I hope to God we can stick it out!!! Cmon UNITED!!! 😉