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Jose Mourinho

Well there’s been a lot of talk over the last few days about Mourinho’s future. It seems there are problems in the dressing room. What they are have yet come to light.

I have to admit, I felt from the start of the season that Mourinho looked unhappy this season. He just didn;t seem to be himself at all. Even in interviews he conducted, he was no longer the sarcastic man that some of came to love. Some of us that is, because a lot of people thought it was arrogance and others knew he was just having a laugh.

However, this season his comments on games he lost made him look like a sore loser and his arrogant sense of humour had all but disappeared.

It will be huge loss for the Premiership if he leaves. His skills as a manager and his skills at media management have been second to none for the last couple of seasons. I hope he can sort it out and give us some more for many seasons to come.

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Louis Saha give us a break….

I know I will loose a lot of votes when I voice my opinion on the above mentioned, but I can’t help it… he is seriously getting on my nerves.

Ok he has a great scoring record so far for United this season, but then again Van Nistelrooys was better.

Yes, I do agree that Louis suits Man Uniteds game a lot more than Van Nistelrooy did in his latter days, but I still can’t shine to his terrible performances.

I find him poor when receiving the ball and he loses it more than he does something useful with it. Andy Cole was bad to watch in his early days, but at least he was making chances, Saha just isn’t.

Fergie’s gotta start looking for a quality striker in the transfer window or I’ll probably end up watching Liverpool instead! 😉

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Stan steps up to Ireland’s call

I was at Lansdowne Road last night to witness Ireland’s game against the Czech Republic. Although after last Saturdays result, it looked like a great result for us I couldn’t help feel hard done by, by last weeks result.

Yes, the team played with heart and grit and we created more of the chances – why wasn’t it there last Saturday against the Cyprians who were beaten 3-1 by Wales. That’s the same wales that lost 5-1 to the Czechs on Saturday. In fact the game was quite boring, so boring that my 6 year old nephew whom I’d brought to see his first Ireland match ever fell asleep half way through the second half!!!
Tactically, I don’t think Ireland were any different, the main difference last night was Ireland’s desire to show the fans and the media that they can compete at this level.

It’s this that concerns me. It looks like Steve Staunton isn’t the man that is motivating his team, which he should be! All the great managers will tell you that motivation is key to any teams success….  Just look at what Martin O’Neill is doing at Aston Villa. We never got this response from the Irish team since Steve has taken charge.

He may be technically capable, that has yet to be proven – but so far he certainly doesn’t seem to have control of the dressing room… Is it any wonder when we always knew him as the “Quiet Man”?

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Top Gear Star in Serious Condition

I was shocked to hear last night that Richard Hammond from Top Gear was involved in a high speed car crash. In the last hour or so it has just been announced that he is still in serious condition but stable. Thank God for that!

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Arsenal end Man United’s great start

Well as I expected, Arsenal proved to be a step too far for Uniteds youngsters on Sunday. I always thought that this would be United’s first crunch game of the season and that it would be hard for United to overcome Arsenal’s talented side.

Arsenal who haven’t had a great start to the season were much better on the day and thoroughly deserved the win on Sunday. Yet again, I felt United were poor in defence and upfront.

United just weren’t at the races. Rooney still looks like he is far from match fitness, Scholes was kept well under control by Arsenal’s midfield, Wes Brown fell asleep a couple of times and our stand in keeper was, well, a stand in and it showed.

So where do we go from here? Well let’s hope we can pick it up again, but I don’t think we’ll ever get a season again where we could have been so far ahead of our main rivals!

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