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Google searching your history to show suitable adverts

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In a step that worries me slightly, Google have launched a new behavioural targeting scheme into it’s Google Adsense scheme. Now instead of just focusing on the contextual content of the page you are currently viewing, it will also delve into the history of other sites you have viewed and display ads accordingly. The new system is currently running as a beta test on sites like YouTube.

So what does that mean for us the public? Well you can safely say your privacy is gone. For me who not only uses my laptop for work, but also for leisure – anyone that now accesses the web through my machine will be easily able to hazard a guess at the type of websites I like to frequent. Luckily enough for me, I don’t go to many dodgy sites. But what if I did?

Google do offer an opt-out and preferences management option, but the opt-out is cookie based, which means you’ll have to opt out from each machine you login through.

I have to admit, it’s a great module for Google to increase revenues, but in terms of privacy, that just seems to be out the window!

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Free News for your Website by Google

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A lot of webmasters like the idea of offering some sort of news feed from their website to try and urge their visitors to return to their website on a more regular basis. Most of the free news feeds available to webmasters are pretty poor or include an advertisement at the end of each list of items hat make it unattractive.

But step up Google. Google has now entered this market, not entirely sure why, but possibly just a simple way to promote their news service. You can now have a free news widget for your website, similar in fashion to Google Adsense (without the payment obviously!).

The news widget allows you to choose from a select number of categories or even by a search phrase. It has a couple of formats to choose from. A 728×90 leaderboard and a 300×250 rectangle option. You can also target the edition to a particular country or let Google decide.

You can find out more about it on their official blog, or just get your hands dirty straight away with their wizard –

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