It’s been six months since I posted my first article about LuzernTech, the “Online Supplier of Refurbished Equipment”. I wrote about my experience when buying a DVD player from them, through the auction site eBay.

After contacting the National Consumer Agency, I finally got a full refund. However, they still appear to be causing a lot of people, a lot of heartache. Just take a look at their negative feedback for the last 6 months, it’s clear that they are still pulling the wool over a lot of peoples eyes.

Apart from the apparent lack of communication from them, the same issue that I had seems to have arisen a number of times yet again. The issue? Well in a nutshell, they refused to refund me the delivery cost of the item even though what they sent me was broken. This is obviously illegal, yet they get away with it because not many people seem to know their rights.

Another nasty tactic they seem to use a lot is that if one of their “auction items” sell for too low a price, they seem to send you out either a broken one or tell you that they don’t have any in stock. This is clearly a breach of the terms of usage on eBay.

It seems that neither the National Consumer Agency or eBay really care what this company are doing. For the NDA, they’re probably too small to be concerned about. For eBay, they are probably making a nice few bob from them.

So the only way things will change it seems is if people stand up and stop buying from them. Let’s face it, it would be a great service if what they say they offered was true. You can see this from the positive feedback from the lucky ones….

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