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eFlow – are they for real?

I just happened to look at the eFlow website today and couldn’t help but miss the big notice. It says:

“If you have received a payment request notice from eFlow and your vehicle did not make the journey”

Maybe I’m wrong, but this leads me to believe they’ve had quite a few calls from people who have received bills in error. That’s funny enough, but this response is even funnier….

“The problem is most likely due to an incorrect reading of the registration plate of the actual vehicle in question. While the system uses the best number plate reading technology in the world and has an overall accuracy rate close to 100%, no system whether automated or manual can achieve 100% under all conditions. Issues arise such as broken number plates on vehicles, dirty number plates, poor weather conditions, non-standard number plates and specific issues such as mounting bolts obscuring letter or number details.”

That doesn’t sound very promising does it?

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3 Comments – the solution to barrier-free tolling?

M50 Ireland Symbol

Less than 3 weeks now before the toll loses its barriers in favour of the new eTolling system. I’ve already voiced my opinion on and from the responses I think it’s quite clear that not many people are happy with this situation.

So let’s welcome – before I compliment them on their service, I have to firstly complain about their terrible and non user-friendly website. Who ever designed / planned this website should be shot! They are clearly offering a superior service for a casual user of the M50, yet their website doesn’t reflect this. eFlow are getting plenty of air play in which they are making out that they are the “cheaper” alternative for the new system. However, it is simply not the case. offer us casual users the ability to use the toll for just €2.20 – a staggering €0.80 cheaper than eFlow. They are able to achieve this by adding the additional 20c for an administration fee as opposed to eFlow’s €1 per month.

Now in black and white, that may sound dearer in the long run for an administration fee, but for the casual user it really isn’t. Your credit never expires and top ups are as low as €10.

So I reckon this will be the option I will be going for – rather than trace around the country trying to avoid the toll! :)

EDIT: Ok it seems I’m not being 100% clear. The above post relates to the “Pay as you Toll” option from – There is a €30 registration fee for this account. However, there are no monthly fees and no minimum topup charge.

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