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Music Pirates with Eircom Broadband Beware

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Eircom and IMRA have made a deal to disconnect any users detected of illegally downloading copyrighted material with peer-to-peer (P2P) software.

In the agreement Eircom will disconnect any user who’s IP address is detected downloading or uploading software by the record companies. So it sounds like we’ll have a few record company skivvies sitting around with a copy of BitTorrent writing down all the IP addresses of those people downloading. There doesn’t appear to be any agreement by Eircom to supply IP addresses to the record companies.

Funnily enough, one of the arguments used by the record companies was that Eircom couldn’t care less about piracy, after their advertisement appeared on popular torrent site ThePirateBay.

So what does this mean for other broadband providers? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

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MPAA go after the small guys – TorrentSpy sued $110 million


TorrentSpy has been ordered to pay $110m the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) for failing to hand over logs on the activity of users of their website.

The landmark ruling will send shockwaves to the thousands of small torrent search websites and maybe even some of the larger ones that offer a similar service to the one TorrentSpy offered before it shutdown in March of this year.

TorrentSpy in effect, was nothing more than a torrent search engine. It never held or stored any copyrighted material on it’s server. However, it did allow users easily find copyrighted material.

So in effect, TorrentSpy has been sued because it “linked” to copyrighted material, something that Google, Yahoo! and MSN do all the time with their search engine.

A simple search on Google will give you “links” to millions of copyrighted material. Here’s a very simple example of this

Why don’t the MPAA doing anything about this? Is the muscle behind the larger corporates a bridge to far for them to fight in their war against copyright infringement??

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