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WiMax pricing finally released

Image of imagine WiMax from Twitter
Image of imagine WiMax

It’s only 3 weeks late, but Imagine have finally released their much anticipated WiMax Broadband pricing. And after all the hype, it wasn’t something worth waiting for.

Although most press releases this morning mention that Imagine’s WiMax is 50% cheaper than Eircoms equivalent, anyone who has been on the lookout for Broadband recently, knows that Eircom is one of the more expensive offerings. When you compare Imagine’s WiMax with one of their competitors such as UPC / NTL, the mid range offer from Imagine is actually €8 more expensive. The only benefit of choosing Imagine’s WiMax package is the fact that it has an unlimited download cap. Imagine’s fastest offering, the 7MB option is €3 cheaper than UPC’s 10MB offering. On the positive side, Imagine’s Mobile Broadband offering is quite impressive. For a 7MB mobile broadband connection, it costs only €15 a month.

After all the hype generated from the Imagine publicity team, I feel very let down. At the moment, with the current pricing structure, there is absolutely no reason for me to change my current provider at home. I’m sure a lot of people will feel the same.

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UPC / NTL launch High Definition TV service

NTL Communications (Ireland) Limited
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It may be many moons behind, but the UPC‘s launch of it’s new High Definition TV service is a very much welcomed addition its list of services. UPC have been doing some great deals lately, in particular their broadband, TV and phone service from as little as €49 p.m., but this is surely their greatest offer yet.

For only an extra €7.50 per month to those who already have a digital NTL subscription, you can now get a High Defintion service. So what’s the catch you might say? Well I personally rang them up to avail of the offer, but they unfortunately don’t have it in my area yet.

UPC / NTL’s lack of availability is surely one the biggest downfalls in terms of their business offering. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to avail of one of their services only to be told it’s not yet available in my area. I’m getting closer to switching to Sky every day – I have a HD TV that I simply can’t get use out of… C’mon UPC, get your act together!

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