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Ben Dunne’s – is it worthwhile?

If you had listened to NewsTalk 106 at all over the past couple of months, you will remember being bombarded by adverts for Ben Dunne‘s latest and greatest project –

TenderMe is a system that allows anyone to go online, enter information on work you need done, whether it be office equipment or computer repairs and receive quotes to your email from a number of different suppliers who want your work.

Within days of the first advert being aired on the radio, people were buzzing about – nearly every person I met asked me about it or recommended that I try it.

Because of the exposure the site was getting I felt that I would be mad not to know about this site and how it functions. I didn’t believe the type of clientele my company works with would look or use this site, but I’m always open to being proven wrong! So off I went and signed up for an account to receive alerts on the types of job requests that I was interested in.

Within minutes of signing up – I was getting emails notifications (and quite regularly) of people looking for eCommerce websites, Content Managed Websites and even basic brochure type websites. I have to say, some of them (from their headline tag) looked like they could be nice projects for a company like ours. That was of course until you went to the website to read more detail. Only then would you realise, that there really was no description of these jobs at all. Well if you call “A company website selling products” a description of what is required, fair enough… but for the type of business we do, that’s just not enough to give anyone an accurate quote.

As it was only €3 to respond to a tender, I thought I’d do a few tests to see what kind of response I could get. My idea was to quote from two different types of suppliers – one a professional web design company and a few from a cheap and nasty type web design company. After spending €18 and quoting prices lower than any other possibly could, I didn’t once receive a response. I honestly didn’t expect a response to an average quote from a professional web design company at professional rates, but I did expect a response to the cheaper quotes. If people were looking for a good deal, they couldn’t have got any better as far as I was concerned.

It left me wondering whether these job postings were really legit or was it just Ben (or his staff) making up jobs tenders in order to fill the site with content or worse still… to line his pockets?

I do believe could be a useful service if there was a bit more transparency. Take for example – they don’t let you make private offers, you must do everything in the open where everyone can see. This approach makes it very clear to everyone who is participating where they stand and whether or not they are getting a good deal. This approach would definitely reduce the money going into’s bank account initially – but the more people can trust the service, the more they will use it. This is something that Ben and his team have clearly missed.

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Guess who hasn’t updated their website then? Irish sites that still offer the 21% VAT rate!

It’s been over 2 months since our new VAT rate of 21.5% was introduced, yet some companies feel that updating their website is not worth the hassle. Ok, they may have simply overlooked it, but is that really good enough?

Here’s just some of the companies yet to update their website:

It might be easier for you if you just did a search on google – click here to run a check

So… have you checked your website yet?

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Our Hypocritical Government Shops Abroad

SVG map of Ireland.
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As the recession deepens and our government continues to peddle the “don’t shop up North, it’s unpatriotic” message, it seems are government is doing the exact opposite.

I just happened to take a look at the eTender notices I receive by email this morning and there was one web project that I completely overlooked (but that’s neither here nor there). It had been awarded and no, not to an Irish company.

The job was awarded to a UK company based in London.

I’m sure this isn’t the only public tender contract that has been awarded to companies outside Ireland. You’d think the Government in times like this would give the job to Irish companies even if we are slightly overpriced. The money then is being pumped into our economy and not someone else’s.

The hypocrisy of it all!

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Wow… now that’s an offer!

Blacknight have SLASHED the price of registering a .ie domain name in a one day bonanza.

Go here to place your order and use the code iefridayjan09.

Or go here for more information


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Drop the VAT rate in Ireland

Drogheda & District Chamber President Patricia Rooney has launched a “Drop the VAT” campaign. You can lend your support at

Ireland’s VAT rate is due to increase from 21% to 21.5% on the 1st of December 2008. With the UK due to drop theirs from 17.5% to 15%, that puts serious pressure on retailers close to the border.

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