I was reading (and getting involved in) a very interesting thread on Boards.ie over the weekend. Initially the thread started as a “how much does it cost to build a website”, but it quickly evolved into a very interesting topic on what is required to get the best from a website. Someone happened to mention LingsCars.com – which is a highly successful car leasing web site in the UK.

I was delighted when Ling, the lady who set up LingsCars.com decided to join in on the conversation. Ling is probably best known for her appearance on the original Dragon’s Den TV series. She failed in her bid to get the Dragon’s to invest £50,000 in her Car Leasing business, but has roared to success in the past two years since her appearance on the show.

Her eye impairing (:P) website turns over more than £35 million a year in car leasing deals. It’s a true testament to how a great idea, a terrible looking website, with lots of traffic and constant customer engagement can be really successful on the Internet. Myself and Ling it seems will never agree on how she could improve conversions, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed the conversation with her.

Anyway, I’ve kind of gone of the topic here…

The whole thread made me think a little about the Irish and what makes us tick. Why do we insist on BUYING everything that costs more than a few thousand euro? What is it that makes us think that we must OWN our homes and cars. A lot would suggest that owning our homes relates back to the years of oppression suffered at the hands of the British, but surely that psyche hasn’t passed to owning cars too; or has it?

Car leasing has never caught on in Ireland, even though in many other countries (in particular the US) it is the norm. How many people actually know that their local garage even offer such leasing deals on cars – or do they just think, “if I want it, I have to buy it”.

There are many pro’s and con’s to leasing cars – but in todays world, with the recession still firmly gripped to the Irish economy’s throat, surely this is an option for many people who can no longer get the loan they could have in the past from the banks?

Have you ever considered leasing? And if not, why not?

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