It’s been a few weeks now, but I’ve finally got my money back from LuzernTech. They seem to have caved in to pressure from the National Consumer Agency (NCA) who wrote to them about their illegal activity with how they handled my order.

Out of principle, I wanted them to see that what they were doing was completely wrong, but also prewarn others of what type of a business they actually are.

Yet again, they proved that their customer service has a lot to be desired. I got no email from them to state that they had refunded my money, never mind an apology. I simply got a message from Paypal notifying me of the refund.

They seem to have changed the reference to the returns policy regarding shipping costs on their website.  Something I’m happy to see removed!

Although LuzernTech have some great prices on some great products, be very careful. It seems that the old adage “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is”; is well and truly the case with LuzernTech. I’m still convinced that if I had of paid a reasonable price for the product, I’d be sitting at home with the DVD player I purchased from them. So be careful with your purchases with them – they certainly don’t make it easy to resolve any issues you may have.

Oh and I better just say – The National Consumer Agency were brilliant. They really did do a good job with LuzernTech, so I’d strongly suggest you contact them in the future if you have any consumer related issues.

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