One of my ambitions in life is to take a band from obscurity and make them rich and famous. I’m constantly on the look out for a new band that I would be interested in working with to help them and me achieve our dreams. It’s fair to say that I rarely come across a band that I have much faith in, however there are some bands that you just know will do pretty well for themselves. Maybe not to the level I am aiming for, but certainly to a level where they can say they have achieved something.

My ears were opened to a band around this time last year and I have to admit I was very impressed with their sound. From the start, I never felt that this band would be likely to be heard playing on your local radio station, but with a little work they certainly have the potential.

Their sound (at the moment) is not your typical mainstream pop sound, which makes it hard for me to see them making a break without a really catchy tune. One thing is for sure though – if I was going to Electric Picnic (which I decided not to this year) – my first port of call after on Friday evening would be the Arcadia Afterburner stage to see them play.

I’m delighted that Skuzzi Port have been chosen to open the Arcadia Afterburner stage at Electric Picnic. Skuzzi Port are one of Ireland‘s most established and exciting live electro acts. Having been around on the Dublin gigging scene for over 8 years and played slots at festivals all over the country including Life, Mantua, Knockanstockan …….

Skuzzi Port have a live electro performance that brings together a full live band, live vocals and MC, alongside an array of samplers, sequencers and synths – Skuzzi Port provide a unique, high octane sound with influences from rock, reggae, electronica, techno, funk and Hip Hop.

This performance at the Electric Picnic promises to be the band’s biggest and best show to date. You must go and see this Irish band if you are at Electric Picnic this weekend – you will not be let down.

For more information on the band, visit

Or just sit back and enjoy this video of a recent live performance:

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