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Google changes it’s new old Favicon ??!!?

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It’s only been 6 months or so since Google last updated their favicon, but they’ve decided to do it again.

Inspired by André Resende, the new favicon is the result of Google encouraging user submissions after their last favicon update.

Personally I think changing it after 6 months is a bad idea simply because it’s change too often. People like the familiarity aspect of a brand icon and this just doesn’t instill that. It looks like it could change again too pretty soon judging by their official blog.

Here’s an example of what it looks like in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Google's New Favicon!

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Google’s new favicon

Some of you may have noticed that Google are using a new Favicon for their website. Like me, I’m sure you were wondering why… well here’s why:

“The reason is that we wanted to develop a set of icons that would scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices. So the new favicon is one of those, but we’ve also developed a group of logo-based icons that all hang together as a unified set.”

So there ye go… now you know! :)

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