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“Fianna Fail confusing leadership with unpopularity” were the words of Independent TD Joe Behan and I think he hit the nail on the head. The government, that we elected it must be added, show their leadership by being so hypocritical and not taking their own advice on board. When we complain, the say it’s because they have to make hard choices that makes the unpopular. Well I’m sorry it’s not as simple as that.

A true leader treats everyone equally, makes tough decisions and leads by the example they are trying to set. Yet, while the government question our Patriotism while we search for a better deal by shopping up North, they do the complete opposite. I mentioned one example  few weeks ago – but now, if I am reading this correctly, it looks like they are still shopping abroad for a better deal.

Taken straight from Cllr Damien Blake’s website :

“I’ve been working with Fianna Fáil and Blue State Digital on a new website and a new web strategy for the party.”

Blue State Digital are the company that helped create the web campaign for Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Right, I’m an online marketer, so I can see how well the Obama capaign went and would love to see an Irish Political Party use the web so proactively. BUT we have plenty of talent in this country and I could easily name a handful of people that could have done a much better job with their website.

Arrrrggghhh they annoy me so much with their hypocrisy. Why are we unpatriotic when they are not?

Anyway, there are other more intesting discussions if you read the comments on Damien Blake’s blog….

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