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FireFox losing users to Google Chrome

MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06:  In this photo...

Google Chrome has only been in the wild a few days now, but it already seems to be impacting on FireFox‘s user base.

Browser usage stats from around the globe seem to have an overwhelming similarity. Internet Explorer grows its user base as does Google Chrome, while FireFox seems to be losing users.

Here are some examples:

As I mentioned in my first post about Google Chrome, I don’t see many joe soaps installing it.

The next question is, how many geeks will use it over Firefox in the long run? I would hazard a guess… very little.

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Firefox over 19% market share mark

Mozilla Firefox

According to Market Share, the release of Firefox 3 has helped the much loved browser break over the 19% market share barrier. They reckon the release grew its worldwide use by as much as 4%, mostly at the expense of poor old Internet Explorer.

Apparently over the same period, Apple’s Safari browser has seen its market share rise to over 6%.

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