Damien Mulley, via the Irish Web Awards, has launched the latest search for Ireland’s greatest SEO.

Entrants are asked to try and rank their site number 1 in Google for the gaelic phrase “Geansai Gorm” (translated to Blue Jumper).

The basic rules are that you must use a brand new domain name, none of the keywords can appear in your domain and you can’t use 301 redirects.

I’ve never been a fan of these competitions myself because for an established SEO it’s an easier task to achieve results than those that have nothing to start with. Generally an established SEO also has access to a number of strong sites that they can quickly get good links from.

Already this morning there are a number of blogs that are appearing in Google for  “Geansai Gorm” which will make the task for the entrants that little bit harder.

It will be interesting to see who the winner will be none the less! Hopefully the winner can do the whole site “as gaelige” too!

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