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IEdr is broken on IE

I’ve been using IE8 now for the past week. Somethings are starting to annoy me and then there are other things I love. For example the line numbered view source option is great, but the le that it’s supposed to be faster is bugging me the most.

A few sites seem to have fallen foul to the update – most notably the IEDR Try navigate the drop down menus in IE8, it’s really frustrating, in fact, impossible.

Having trouble with too, not sure if that’s related to IE8 though because they were recently updating their site.

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IEDR website – is this false advertising?

I just happened to wander on to the IEDR website today while checking the whois information of a registered .ie domain name, when I noticed the heading on the top of every page.

The first one that grabbed my attention was this:


To an ordinary joe soap, I would assume that they would automatically think that their website would be more secure because they have a .ie domain name, which as we know is quite ludicrous. To me it’s obvious that they are talking about this from a consumer point of view, but this is the sort of hype that we don’t need.

The next one was:


I’d like to know the “Best Websites” they are talking about. Do you know any Irish website that is “The Best”?

Anyway, moving on….:


More confidence from whose point of view?

And this one…. ffs :


Hmmmm….. I’m sure a lot would disagree with this statement!!!

And finally, the one that made me write this article……:


Of course there are legitimate reasons why having a .ie domain name is worthwhile for your business, however saying that your site will achieve a “Higher Search Engine Rating” is quite deceiving.  The only benefit your website will have with a .ie in terms of search engines is a higher localised search,  for example the “sites from Ireland” search in Google. It won’t help you in any other way, you will still have to perform some sort of SEO  campaign on your website in order to achieve a higer search engine ranking.

This is such a broad statement that I can already predict the phone calls we will get…… “I read on the IEDR website that if I have a .ie domain name we will get higher search engine rankings and they’re only €50, so why would I pay you?” 😉

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