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I have to say, I’m really amazed that there isn’t a much bigger reaction to the latest admission from An Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Mr. Cowen finally admitted today that the efforts to save the economy had failed and the government were in fact in talks with the IMF and the ECB about a possible bailout. Only last night he was totally denying that the governments talks with the IMF and the ECB were simply discussions on possible rescue packages should the need arise.

I was moved last night for the first time in years by any politician and unfortunately that was in the shape of Mr. Pat Rabbitte, who showed more passion about our country than I’ve seen in my entire live. I instantly respected Mr. Rabbitte, not necessarily for what he was saying, but just for his passion.

Anyway, at this stage I’m totally fed up with this government and the state they’ve brought us to. How we can all sit back and deny the obvious is clearly down to the crap we’ve been peddled for years by our government. Yes that government that tell us a different story every day.

My good friend Francie Conway felt strong enough about the whole situation that he wrote a little tune about it – Would the Real Taoiseach Please Stand Up

Listen to: Francie Conway - Would the Real Taoiseach Please Stand Up

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