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IEdr is broken on IE

I’ve been using IE8 now for the past week. Somethings are starting to annoy me and then there are other things I love. For example the line numbered view source option is great, but the le that it’s supposed to be faster is bugging me the most.

A few sites seem to have fallen foul to the update – most notably the IEDR Try navigate the drop down menus in IE8, it’s really frustrating, in fact, impossible.

Having trouble with too, not sure if that’s related to IE8 though because they were recently updating their site.

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Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)… so far, so good

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I’ve been reading all the dreaded reports that the new Internet Explorer 8 seems to be causing havoc on some people’s machines. But I have to say, I’ve been using it for most of the day and haven’t had an issue yet.

I don’t really see much difference, although the improvements are well documented on Microsoft‘s website –

Thankfully, they’ve cleared up the issues from the beta version that rendered a lot of sites useless – I wrote about this before, you can read the article here – Internet Explorer 8 Beta

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New IE browser tester

Windows Internet Explorer 8

Another handy little tool for all your developers. IETester is a nicely presented tool for checking how your website(s) look in legacy IE browsers and of course the latest IE 8 beta!

Download and more information here:

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta – IE8

I’ve just installed Internet Explorer Beta 8 and I’m a little disappointed to say the least.

Although it runs a lot quicker than previous versions, namely IE7, it has actually “broke” a number of websites.

So here’s my list of sites so far that IE8 has borked in their attempt to become more standards compliant.

This site at least…. :( and …. (My god, I know IE7 broke a lot of sites, but not this bad!)

From my little research this morning, the only sites I see that are not falling foul to the new IE8 are those that are basic in design or those that are legacy HTML websites, i.e. non standards compliant (don’t take that out of context! There are standards compliant websites without any issues, but they tend to be pretty basic in design).

I’m hoping that the actual release will have addressed all these issues.

As expected, FireFox does not have any of these issues… why can’t Microsoft follow their lead?

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