In September there was a major advance in terms of “exploiting” the PlayStation 3. Up until then, hacking the PS3 seemed near impossible. There were of course some who claimed they had compromised the popular gaming system, but nothing was ever released. That was of course until GeoHot announced in September that he had Jailbroken the PS3.

A few days ago, GeoHot released a video of a Jailbroken PS3 running a homebrew application. Today, the guide on how to Jailbreak your PS3 is here:

Jailbreak your PS3 (v3.55)

What you Need:
  1. USB Stick / Drive
  2. Jailbreak File

Jailbreaking PS3:

  1. Download the Jailbreak File
  2. Create a ‘PS3′ folder on the USB Stick
  3. Create another folder inside the ‘PS3′ Folder called ‘UPDATE’
  4. Unzip the  ‘’
  5. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP to the UPDATE directory that you just created on the USB stick
  6. Plug USB in PS3 and go to your PS3 System Settings
  7. Choose System Update and Update via Storage Device
  8. IT will ask for v3.55 Update press OK
  9. Install the Jailbreak Update.
  10. After less than a minute your PS3 will Update then shut down
  11. Power up your PS3 by clicking the power on your PS3 (do not start with PS3 Controller)
  12. Your PS3 should now be fully Jailbroken
  1. Copy into the root of your USB stick
  2. Connect your USB to your PS3
  3. Navigate to the Game Tab
  4. Choose Install Package Files
  5. Select Test.pkg
  6. This is a splash screen test which proves your PS3 can now run Homebrew.

Here’s a video of it in action:

I’d expect to see a major firmware update by Sony in the next day or so as they seem to act on any potential security holes like this pretty quickly!

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