Valentines Day
Image by Javier Aroche via Flickr

Google have just released some interesting statistics based around their Valentines Breaks searches.

According to Google there is a massive incline in searchers in January and February, which peaks just before valentines day. The graph below gives you an example of the trends for searches for Valentines Breaks, Valentines Holidays and Valentines Hotels.


Aso in the report were the top 7 gifts for Valentines Day. These are; a weekend away, romantic dinner, flowers, jewellery, iPhone, chocolate and an iPod.

Another interesting statistic was where UK shoppers are likely to make their purchases. 20% are expected to purchase the gifts online, while another %49 said to shop equally online or at a store.

What’s the average spend price on a valentines gift in the UK?
33% said £50 to £100.

So if you have products that can target the Valentines Day market, you best get cracking on your campaign or be prepared to get left behind!

Download the full report by clicking here.

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