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LuzernTech Continue to Get Away With It

It’s been six months since I posted my first article about LuzernTech, the “Online Supplier of Refurbished Equipment”. I wrote about my experience when buying a DVD player from them, through the auction site eBay.

After contacting the National Consumer Agency, I finally got a full refund. However, they still appear to be causing a lot of people, a lot of heartache. Just take a look at their negative feedback for the last 6 months, it’s clear that they are still pulling the wool over a lot of peoples eyes.

Apart from the apparent lack of communication from them, the same issue that I had seems to have arisen a number of times yet again. The issue? Well in a nutshell, they refused to refund me the delivery cost of the item even though what they sent me was broken. This is obviously illegal, yet they get away with it because not many people seem to know their rights.

Another nasty tactic they seem to use a lot is that if one of their “auction items” sell for too low a price, they seem to send you out either a broken one or tell you that they don’t have any in stock. This is clearly a breach of the terms of usage on eBay.

It seems that neither the National Consumer Agency or eBay really care what this company are doing. For the NDA, they’re probably too small to be concerned about. For eBay, they are probably making a nice few bob from them.

So the only way things will change it seems is if people stand up and stop buying from them. Let’s face it, it would be a great service if what they say they offered was true. You can see this from the positive feedback from the lucky ones….

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LuzernTech Apology

I received an apology from LuzernTech today. Maybe I’m being a bit picky, but it doesn’t seem very sincere. It sounds like a child has been scolded and forced to apologise “or else”.

It’s hardly a professional response and certainly not an example of great customer service.

Anyway, it’s closure I guess. Here’s what they sent….

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eBay: we protect the seller, buyers can go to hell

eBay Inc.

Now that the LuzernTech saga is all over, I want to draw attention to eBay and how I found them to be completely biased towards protecting sellers on their famous auction site.

If you’ve been keeping up with my LuzernTech saga you will know I had serious issues with them and their illegal activities. But one thing that got to me most was what LuzernTech wrote about me on eBay in response to the negative feedback I gave them.

When I gave feedback on eBay about LuzernTech, I didn’t hold back. I went straight for the jugular. “Absolute scammers – delivered broken, refused repair, no postage refund”, was what I said. Yes maybe I went a bit far, but I really wanted people to be aware of what this crowd were up to and in the 200 characters that you are allowed to write, that’s really hard to do. The only way to get this message across was to be strong and to the point.

eBay give the seller the opportunity to respond to the feedback from a buyer, here’s what LuzernTech said: “Customer given a returns number for a replacement wanted a refund”. This was a complete and blatant lie and in my past posts you’ll see the evidence.

Now here’s where eBay protects the seller… We as the consumer/buyer do not have an opportunity to respond to this feedback within the PayPal site. So in effect, the sellers are being completely protected here. The seller can just put in a comment fobbing off the disgruntled buyer as simply someone who likes to complain. They can fill eBay with lies to make themselves look like reasonable businesses just trying to make a living, but unfortunately have some moany customers from time to time.

So as a consumer, we could read these responses to negative comments and think “hey, they’re not actually bad at all, sure your man is complaining about nothing”. Instantly, an intelligent seller can turn a negative comment into a positive one. This does nothing to protect the consumer, it only protects the seller.

I do however agree that feedback should be limited. You could imagine how my respsonses would have went on and on with LuzernTech! :)

However, there should at least be a way for a consumer to complain about a response from the seller and if untrue, to have it removed.

“You can” I hear you say, well yes you can complain about it, which I did, but the response from eBay are to say least, pityful. In a nutshell, it does not breach their “Feedback Abuse Policy”, so they won’t do anything about it.

I also should note that eBay have recently put a ban on negative feedback on buyers from sellers. However, what is classed as negative? I certainly feel the feedback I received was negative, yet eBay didn’t see it that way.

So it’s clear from my point of view that eBay care little about the consumer and protect the seller entirely in cases like this. I believe the protection should be on the side of the consumer mainly. I know that sellers need to be protected too, but they should at least investigate allegations like this and do something about it so that the bad guys are rooted out.

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LuzernTech – I finally got my full refund

It’s been a few weeks now, but I’ve finally got my money back from LuzernTech. They seem to have caved in to pressure from the National Consumer Agency (NCA) who wrote to them about their illegal activity with how they handled my order.

Out of principle, I wanted them to see that what they were doing was completely wrong, but also prewarn others of what type of a business they actually are.

Yet again, they proved that their customer service has a lot to be desired. I got no email from them to state that they had refunded my money, never mind an apology. I simply got a message from Paypal notifying me of the refund.

They seem to have changed the reference to the returns policy regarding shipping costs on their website.  Something I’m happy to see removed!

Although LuzernTech have some great prices on some great products, be very careful. It seems that the old adage “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is”; is well and truly the case with LuzernTech. I’m still convinced that if I had of paid a reasonable price for the product, I’d be sitting at home with the DVD player I purchased from them. So be careful with your purchases with them – they certainly don’t make it easy to resolve any issues you may have.

Oh and I better just say – The National Consumer Agency were brilliant. They really did do a good job with LuzernTech, so I’d strongly suggest you contact them in the future if you have any consumer related issues.

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LuzernTech… another update… oh yes….

Another update on this whole saga that is really getting on my nerves. I can’t believe how these guys operate. The IIA should remove this cowboys from their organisation.

The latest saga surround the comments I left on eBay. Needless to say, I left negative comments. Here’s what I wrote:

Absolute scammers – delivered broken, refused repair, no postage refund

In response to this, the scumbags (sorry I can’t call them anything else) responded with a complete fabrication:

Reply by luzerntech (01-Jul-08 12:43):
Customer given a returns number for a replacement wanted a refund

For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with events, I basically returned the item looking for a replacement. Without anyone contacting me or asking what was wrong with the unit, I was told I would receive a refund. When I questioned it, they told me (and here’s the exert from the email):

“apologies ,we do not have repair service and we have received the item from the supplier as ready to send.
Anfortunately because of insufficient stock we do not have the item for the replacement”

So yet again, this crowd have shown themselves to be completely untrustworthy. I’ve so far reported them to eBay, if I don’t get my complete refund, out of principle I will take this further.


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