I was highly critical of Colm & Jim-Jims new show on 2FM that took the place of dinosaur DJ, Marty Whelan when it first took to the airwaves last year. In terms of entertainment, I don’t think much has changed, however, I can’t really comment entirely, because I’ve switched them off completely. The only place I got to listen to them over the past year was sitting in a dentist.

It’s great news for them to hear that they have regained massively the losses they incurred when they took over the show last year. The latest JNLR figures show that their show is now achieving 202,000 listeners nationwide. That shows an increase on previous estimations of up to 20,000 new listeners (official figures say 19,00).

202,000 listeners is still a fair bit lower than their peak with FM104, which is a bit disappointing considering that they are now a nationwide show. You could put this down to the shows airing time, but with a show that had so much going for it, I would have expected a lot more success.