Not content with the four Office Add-ins that I currently have in the Microsoft Office Add-in Store, I’ve gone and created another one just to keep myself honest.

Maps for Outlook Add-in is a map generation tool that you can use to create and insert a Google Map into your email or appointment.

Being honest, this isn’t much of a stretch from the existing Maps for Office Add-in that has been in the store for a number of years now. However, the major difference is, that this add-in is for use only in Microsoft Outlook. As mentioned above, you can  easily insert a Google Map into your new Emails or Appointments via a useful ribbon bar icon.

Much like Maps for Office, you can search, resize, pin and change the theme of the map that you wish to insert into your email or appointment. Additionally, the add-in will include a link to allow anyone who receives the email to get instant directions to the location in the map via Google Maps.

Why not go get yourself a free trial of the app today! Download from the Microsoft Office Add-in Store


TRY MAPS FOR OFFICE (15 Day Free Trial)


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