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1 Million free books give away – the music industry should take note

We’re all aware of how the Internet is apparently ripping the life and soul of the music industry. It’s as if every day there is a new news item about how the music rights organisations are chasing the little man for downloading a few copyright tracks from one of the many pirated websites.

I’ve always had a problem with how the main records labels, music rights organisations and lately some famous artists have come out complaining about how downloading music is killing their livelihood. The bottom line is that they don’t want or have the drive to change how the music industry works.

But music isn’t the only industry that is being threatened by the web and the easy nature of spreading copyrighted material through the Internet. With the massive growth in smart phones and other reading devices, it has become pretty much as easy to download illegal copies of some of the bestselling books.

Most people know that the book publishing industry has been pretty much on its knees for many years. Unless you are selling one of the top 10 best selling books, you’ll find it hard to make a fraction of what these so called musicians or record company directors are making. That of course is for a number of factors, but rather than rest on their laurels those in the book publishing industry has decided to make a concerted effort to come up with innovative ideas to help promote their industry.

The latest effort is the co-ordinated plan to offer 1 million free books to a select few people. The idea is simple, 20,000 pationate readers in Ireland and the UK will be given 48 books to give to their friends, family members or anyone they wish.

The idea is that if someone is given a book for free, they will recommend the book on to their peers and in turn this should increase the number of book sales. But the books won’t be any old books and certainly won’t include any books that are out of copyright. All books involved will be books that are still in copyright so that they can maximise the amount of money they can make back from the expected increase of sales.

What a great idea. Let’s transport that to the music industry. We can think of many examples of how the web brought acts such as the Artic Monkeys into mainstream pop. A band that, in fairness would probably never have got a break without the Internet. They’re the type of band that you see everywhere in the world in your local community centre, practising to be the next big thing.

We also have more successful acts such as Kings of Leon, who admit they probably would have been dropped by their record label if they weren’t so successful in the UK. Their success can’t be totally attributed to the web, but it was definitely used as a quicker route to the UK market and in effect kept them going.

I know from my own experience that there are a number of bands I listen to, that don’t ever bother visiting Ireland or the UK because they simply don’t have the following here – yet, I would buy their music. I would never have heard of them if I didn’t have the Internet available. Record companies seem to constantly overlook this fact.

Then of course the way we digest music has greatly changed over the years. I don’t particularly like buying CDs anymore, because the only place I use them is in my car. The first thing I do with any album I buy, is rip it to mp3 files so that I can listen to them on MP3 player, copy it onto my PS3 which I use for my sound system at home and the list goes on.

Yes, we have a number of sites that sell MP3s, but I can’t always find what I’m looking for as my taste is shall we say, a little underground. My only hope of getting my hands on some of the music I listen to is by listening online or ordering from the US.

Record companies seriously need to take a leaf out of the book industries book, if you pardon the pun, and come up with some innovative ideas that will help the “referral” nature of people to increase sales. Stop whinging about what’s going on and start to use your brains – although you probably lost them many years ago while living off your millions that you didn’t have to do to much to acquire.

For more information on the Free 1 million books – visit :

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Skuzzi Port open the Arcadia Afterburner stage at Electric Picnic

One of my ambitions in life is to take a band from obscurity and make them rich and famous. I’m constantly on the look out for a new band that I would be interested in working with to help them and me achieve our dreams. It’s fair to say that I rarely come across a band that I have much faith in, however there are some bands that you just know will do pretty well for themselves. Maybe not to the level I am aiming for, but certainly to a level where they can say they have achieved something.

My ears were opened to a band around this time last year and I have to admit I was very impressed with their sound. From the start, I never felt that this band would be likely to be heard playing on your local radio station, but with a little work they certainly have the potential.

Their sound (at the moment) is not your typical mainstream pop sound, which makes it hard for me to see them making a break without a really catchy tune. One thing is for sure though – if I was going to Electric Picnic (which I decided not to this year) – my first port of call after on Friday evening would be the Arcadia Afterburner stage to see them play.

I’m delighted that Skuzzi Port have been chosen to open the Arcadia Afterburner stage at Electric Picnic. Skuzzi Port are one of Ireland‘s most established and exciting live electro acts. Having been around on the Dublin gigging scene for over 8 years and played slots at festivals all over the country including Life, Mantua, Knockanstockan …….

Skuzzi Port have a live electro performance that brings together a full live band, live vocals and MC, alongside an array of samplers, sequencers and synths – Skuzzi Port provide a unique, high octane sound with influences from rock, reggae, electronica, techno, funk and Hip Hop.

This performance at the Electric Picnic promises to be the band’s biggest and best show to date. You must go and see this Irish band if you are at Electric Picnic this weekend – you will not be let down.

For more information on the band, visit

Or just sit back and enjoy this video of a recent live performance:

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RIAA win $1.92m from filesharer

Image representing RIAA, Recording Industry As...
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It’s no wonder the RIAA continue to their shameless strategy of targeting small-time illegal filesharers.

When they are making $1.92m from a mother of four who was caught sharing sharing files to a firm working on behalf of the RIAA, there’s certainly no other way of making this sort of money, that easily.

More here –

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Listen to Tom Doyles songs

For the first time in over a year, this blogs most “found for” search for term has been ousted by a new one…

Yes, it’s true – this blog is found most by people searching on Google for… wait for it… “Listen to Tom Doyles Songs”.

Although I must admit that I dreamed as a kid (and well into my adulthood) of becoming a rockstar and selling millions of records, it unfortunately never happened for me. The truth was, we were just never good enough.

So for those visitors coming in their masses to hear the latest tune from Tom Doyle (whoever he is) – I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not the Tom Doyle you are looking for.

But please feel free to listen to the unmixed, non-mastered and very old recordings from my teenage years – I’m sure you won’t be back for more!

1. Believe In Me – Gryn (Bass Guitar)

2. Foreign Bed – Gryn (Bass Guitar & Drums)

3. Breaking The Line – Gryn (Bass Guitar)

4. Revolution – SandBush (Drums – 15 at the time…)

5. Walk – SandBush (Drums)

6. I Never Wanted To Live – SandBush (Drums)

Ah bliss… Childhood Dreams huh? 😀

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No music videos for UK YouTube users

YouTube, LLC
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Every executive in the music industry should be ashamed of themselves. It seems every day that goes by they get more ridiculous about this new thing – the Internet.

They probably all still sit around a desk with a pile of paper, with not a computer in sight. They’re main aim in life is to fight desperately to hold onto their crumbling piles of money. In the meantime they miss out on the opportunity to use the most powerful medium the world has ever seen to help grow their empire. That medium is the Internet. Yes I know I have said it many times here, but their ignorance to it continues to drive me insane.

I’m a musician and believe it’s only right that people pay for the use of any material I create. However, after working in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, I can see how beneficial the Internet could be to any existing artist or upcoming artist.

New artists dreamed of ways of getting their music in front of the masses for as little money as possible, in the early days, rock legends Metallica used to be happy for their fans to make bootlegged cassette tapes and give it to their friends, as it was a way to promote their music without paying any money. Now however, that is a different story altogether, they don’t like the Internet because it’s eating into record sales. Yet, they and their record industry bosses believe the only way to fight it was to bring lawsuits and prevent people accessing certain websites. For god sake – remember you all thought tape recordings were going to kill the industry???

For me it’s simple, if I could get my work out to millions of users through a FREE medium that promoted my work, I would personally see it as a God sent. The knock on effect to my music career would be immense and set me on a career for life.

Records bosses and bodies such as IRMA and the PRS feel that the only way to tackle the growing number of illegal downloads that is eating away at their bottom line, is to become censors or just be greedy.

In Ireland we have IRMA who have an agreement with Eircom to block any sites they want, which led to the start of the organistation and now in the UK we have the greedy PRS who want YouTube to pay them an “economically unsustainable” amount of money to be licensed to play their music. So pretty soon those poor souls in the UK won’t be able to view music videos through YouTube.

What a sad sad day…. Please grow up Record Industry and get with the times……

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