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Top 10 Guitar Solos of ALL Time

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Stairway to Heaven – Led ZepplinWhen was the last time you heard a guitar solo in a song on the radio?
It seems to be a dying art nowadays, kept only for those metal fans that love the swing their hair to the sound of a wailing guitar.

For some a guitar solo is a needless piece of “noise” that adds no value to a song. Well I have to say this is where I completely disagree with them. A decent guitar solo adds a lot to a song. It can bring a new dynamic to a song, lift it more than any other instrument could possibly do.

However, when played badly or in the wrong place, it does just sound like noise for the sake of it. So today I’m calling for the return of the guitar solo! And just to get you in the mood, I’ve put together my list of the top 10 guitar solos of all time.

I haven’t selected all of these guitar solos because of their intricities. Some of these solos are quite simple to play, but I have chosen them for what they bring to a song. Others I have chosen because they define modern guitar playing. So for those guitar playing people… please don’t expect to find Van Halens “Eruption” here, this is not what this is about. We all know how great that was… This is about what a solo brings to a song! Oh and in no particular order!

Led Zepplin – Stairway to Heaven
Apart from the “over played” guitar riff, the solo at the very end is the climax of the song.

Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
Another great guitar riff throughout, but my favourite part of this solo is the number of harmonics he plays in his guitar solo. The entrance to his solo is a cliche’d slide, but legendary all the same. Click here to view

The Commodores – Easy Like Sunday Morning
Probably the most basic and easily played song solo on the list. I think it’s the simplicity that I love most about this. Everyone knows this solo!!

Thin Lizzy / Gary Moore – Parisienne Walkways
Just love it….. Let the song speak for itself…..

Queen – I Want to Break Free
What I love most about solo is the innovative sound at the time and how he puts his own take on the melody.

Guns n Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
Like most of the guitar players on this list, I think I could name a lot more than one track that could easily end up on this list. But my favourite of Slash‘s solos has to be Sweet Child o Mine. His solo starts off nice and subtle and launches in the a head banging moment of genius.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – FreeBird
One of the epic guitar solos… but well worth the listen!

The Eagles – Hotel California
I couldn’t put a proper list together without including this song. For anyone that’s ever attempted to play lead guitar, this is surely on the list of one that they’ve tried!!

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child
Need I say more???

Metallica – Enter Sandman
Probably the most famous epic intro to a song ever – great solo by a great guitar player.

Damn… is that 10 already?? I could have went on all day. Ah well…. probably not the greatest guitar solos of all time but certainly worthy of note in the top 100! Enjoy! :)

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Music Industry take note… How to increase record sales by 800%

Music is something close to my heart, I studied it in college and always felt my destiny was to work in the Music Industry at some stage of my life. I still have those aspirations, but need to get other things up and running first.

I have to admit though that my respect for Music Industry bosses has diminished since the introduction of the web and the advent of “illegal downloading”. I have yet to see any record company face this head on and be innovative in how they can turn their sales figures around. Record companies seem to think the legal route is the only way they can stop this wave of “Boot Legged” music. But quite frankly, it’s not.

Most people in my age group can remember Boot Leg tapes that were on sale on every corner in Dublin City Centre, but most real music fans, those that bought music, tended not to bother with Boot Leg tapes.

Why? Well for me owning a copied tape was never the same as having the original recording. Others will say it was all about the quality, but that’s not an argument anymore unless you have a really good ear for music as most MP3s sound exactly the same as the original.

The bottom line for me is if I hear an album that I like, I’ll go out and buy it, it’s as simple as that. When was the last time I actually bought an album? Late last year. Why haven’t I bought anything since? Basically, there’s nothing worth buying anymore. The lack of truly great albums on the market is shocking. But that’s another days work altogether.

There are so many ways record companies could increase sales if they embraced it as a marketing tool and not treat it as an enemy. For example, – make sure all you tracks are on sites like this so everyone can hear them. But that’s me thinking for 5 minutes. How much do they pay their marketing guys who are clearly missing this channel.

Sky News had an interesting report this morning about games like Guitar Hero. They suggested that if an artist has their track on one of these games, sales are likely to increase by as much as 800%. The theory around it makes so much sense. With game sales being bigger than record sales now, the tracks are being played to people who generally wouldn’t listen to their genre of music and in turn they are gaining new music fans.

If I think back to when I started using the web for music, there was one band who grew in popularity nearly overnight because of the Internet.

I was playing a game of Unreal Tournament when someone suggested I have a listen to a band called Limp Bizkit. At this time, you couldn’t get their records in Ireland, so I had to go and download a copy of their album. I was instantly hooked.

And guess what? I bought all their albums thereafter. OK bad decision on my behalf in the end, but none-the-less – if it wasn’t for the Internet, I probably would never have heard of them until they were in the mainstream and at that stage, I wouldn’t have been interested in them anyway!

So music industry, it’s time to stop wasting your time trying to ban downloads. Focus your efforts on how you can use the web to promote your acts – it’s the most powerful medium available to us today!

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Song of the Week – Fell on Black Days, SoundGarden

I didn’t hear any great new tracks this week – probably because of a mix of hard work and the lack of decent tunes out there right now. So I decided to dedicate this weeks song of the week to a fallen hero of mine Mr. Chris Cornell. Chris, when you write and perform tracks like this, you don’t need Timbaland to make you something special, you already are…

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Chris Cornell sells out…

chris cornell 016

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What has happened one of the greatest vocalists of our era?

Chris Cornell of the SoundGarden and most recently Audioslave fame has just shown that he too is susceptible to selling his soul for the cash!

His MySpace account ( ) has some tracks created with the help of Timbaland. Needless to say, I’m quite disappointed with them. He left a really good band in the form of AudioSlave to create this tripe!!!

Ok I agree the last couple of albums from AudioSlave were heading the soft route, but this is crazy.

Chris please give up this new route now! We’ll miss you greatly over here on the dark-side 😉

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The Turkey never had a chance

Estonia rehearsing at Eurovision 2006. Taken by Chris Melville.

Another year without the Eurovision for the Irish. Our great hope, Dustin the Turkey didn’t make the last 10 in the semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. This means we will have no-one representing Ireland in the Eurovision this year.

To be honest, I’m quite happy that he didn’t make it. What a joke putting him through in the first place. The arrogance of this country shows through yet again when we thought we could send a Turkey to the Eurovision and win it…

Maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously!

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