A couple of weeks ago, the great MyP2P.eu website went down. I’m not entirely sure what happened with it, but no doubt it was because they were in breach of copyright law by streaming copyrighted content across the Internet for free.

MyP2P was by far the best website on the Internet to get easy access to online streaming sports content. You could go on to MyP2P and choose your sport and view a list of currently live broadcasting games with multiple links to various live streams. You could pretty much see any sport, live online within minutes.

MyP2P however, didn’t provide the streams, it was simply a facilitator to those who streamed the actual content. A bit like the whole PirateBay scenario.

Now that it’s gone, it’s not as easy to find these streams, so I’ve been looking around to try find the best sites that offer a similar service.

Of course – the crowd from MyP2P appear to have set up a new site www.myp2p.bz – although it’s nowhere near as good as the previous site.

Here’s another few worth looking at if you want to watch live streaming football or whatever sport you’d prefer to watch!


Of course, if you want to simply watch the goals the next day… don’t forget www.footytube.com

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