I had to get my hands dirty today and get a look at some code we’re developing. Having not developed personally in quite some time, I had no reason to have IIS installed, nevermind PHP!

So I set off on the task of installing PHP 5.2 on my Windows Vista machine. And here’s how I did it.

  1. Install IIS7
    Control Panel > Programs and features > Turn Windows features on or off
    From here I selected Internet Information Service. I dug a little deeper into Worldwide Web Services and turned on the ISAPI extensions.
  2. Download & Install PHP
    Download PHP – for simple set up, get the zip package.
    Unzip your files to your preferred location, mine is C:\PHP
    Copy the php.ini-dist file into your windows folder. (C:\windows\php.ini)
  3. Open IIS Manager
    From your start menu, type iis and hit return to open IIS Manager.
    Select “default web site” and double click, “Handler Mappings”.
    On the right hand side – select “Add Script Map”In the dialogue that opens enter the following:
    Request Path: *.php
    Executable: C:\PHP\php5isapi.dll (*NOTE*: if this is where you’ve stored the unzipped files)
    Name: PHPClick OK. Then you will be asked “Would you like to enable the ISAPI extension”, choose Yes.
  4. That’s It!
    You might want to check it with a phpinfo file.
    e.g. Create a text file and type <? phpinfo(); ?>. Save this file as phpinfo.php, copy it into your C:\inetpub\wwwroot. Go to your browser and open http://localhost/phpinfo.php

Enjoy! :)

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